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On the Wings of a Ladybug

 "A poetic perspective of reality with down to earth scenes and dialogue that will remind you of talking on the couch with your best friend at two a.m. about life, love, and your life's purpose."
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"My name is Node, and I'm . . .

A human looking for beauty and inspiration in the world around me. My life has taken me across oceans, up and down mountains, and through deserts of solitude and surrender. I have traveled far from home only to learn that loneliness is a suffering I’d rather not endure. I’ve spent more than a decade in school, but have learned that the wisdom within a single tear, or burst of laughter, surpasses all facts masquerading as knowledge within our confused education system. 


The licenses on my wall tell me that I’m a naturopathic doctor, but I identify much more as a guide and facilitator. I help people find their way through the obstacles that make health a struggle for them. I truly don’t think health should be such a mystery, and I strive to make it more clear for the clients I work with. A lot of the work I do revolves around helping people become inspired to show up for themselves, and learn and grow into their full potential. I find that the root cause of most people’s health complaints is shame, guilt and judgment towards themselves, and that concentrating on the problem simply drives them further into misery. 


Health is a creative process, a process of learning, growing and developing ourselves into more authentic, more honest, and more kind individuals. In my opinion, this is true medicine. 


I find that participating in my own creative process, allows me to extend the inspiration I find in life, to others, and help them connect with their true desire to learn, grow, heal, and live life to the fullest extent possible. 


It is my most fervent prayer that the words I write, and speak would inspire you and add to the beauty, kindness and love that you experience in the world. To me, this is my purpose, and one of the ways I can share my experience, strength and hope with you. 

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Current Projects
Current Projects



The publishing of this book is a giant step for me in trusting myself, and pursuing my passion for writing. This manuscript sat on my shelf for over ten years, after it had been written. I had often wondered if I would ever get around to doing anything with it. That it is finally finished is truly a dream come true. 


There is an eBook and a paperback available on Amazon. 

Work with Me
work with me
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TEAL Holistic - Integral Health Solutions

My latest project is the launching of TEAL Holistic with my wife, Dr. Charity Thiessen. TEAL Holistic is intended to be a radical shift from typical healthcare solutions; leveraging cutting edge functional genomic testing with an emphasis on facilitating sustainable behavioral change. 


Check out TEAL Holistic - Integral Health Solutions

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